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Seedit4.me | Seed Serwer | Review 2021
01-29-2021, 12:13 PM
Seedit4.me | Seed Serwer | Review 2021
[Image: 2pab5wh.png]

[Image: AGQTJW3.png]

Seed Serwer NameSeedit4.me
Seed Serwer URLhttps://seedit4.me/
Seed Serwer SignupFree

Seed Serwer Description

All seedboxes are fully-featured VPS for all needs, but come pre-configured as stable, Ubuntu-based platforms, optimized for high speed data transfers with 1Gbps or 10Gbps and a vast selection of apps. Easy to manage and reset via modern UI, completely automated and instantly deployed, anonymous and secure, packed with awesome support!

You can choose between several plans, depending on your needs in terms of RAM & disk space, uplink speed, root access, etc. We employ intelligent monitoring, there's no throttling of any kind but overly resource-hungry seedboxes will be moved to a new server to ensure the quality of service is excellent for all users. We're hosting on high performance servers in Germany and the Netherlands.

Seed Serwer Home

[Image: V2PbII4.png]

Seedserwer Dashboard Home

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