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Sticky How To Add Feedback
11-30-2020, 12:37 PM
How To Add Feedback
Why Feedback is Important:

Feedback is important because it helps us find out how a member is. In a site like torrentinvites its one of the most important parameter with so many scammers around.

How to Add Feedback:

Follow the below steps to Add feedback (all required field explained) -

1. Go to the users profile you want to leave feedback for & left click on his username (at any thread/ post), it will pop-up a menu (shown below).

[Image: VATRbOy.png]

2. Click the Submit Feedback For: 

[Image: HDSQtsF.png]

3. Choose from three options
  • a: Buyer
  • b: Seller
  • c: Trader
[Image: DHh3Sbm.png]

4.Choose from three options
  • a: Positive
  • b: Neutral
  • c: Negative
Click Here Submit Feedback !

[Image: Arksejr.png]

5: Sucesfull added feedback  !   Only click here x right corner above and the board disappears

[Image: urSTcMS.png]

| who gave you liket.|   jay222377


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