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Share Island | General | 2023 Review
01-24-2023, 02:07 PM
Share Island | General | 2023 Review
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Tracker Name: ShareIsland
Tracker URL: https://shareisland.org/
Tracker Genre: General
Tracker Type: Ratio based
Tracker Signup: Closed / Invites Only
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

.:: Tracker Description ::.

Share Island is an Italian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / Music / General Releases.
The site had to start from scratch and has migrated to UNIT3D platform. It has currently 8k torrents and 2k+ users. The site language is Italian. So you have to use a web translator. Most of the movies and TV shows are in multi-audio with Italian and English languages it it.
Share Island is a community-built Movie/TV/FANRES database. Every piece of data has been added by our amazing members. It has some really good, old, rare to find Italian contents.
Share Islands strong focus is on HD content, that's why out of 8854 torrents 8821 torrents are of HD contents. The proactive and friendly userbase, an awesome/secure codebase and a helpful and caring Staff Team.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

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.:: Tracker Home ::.

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.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

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.:: Tracker Term Of Use ::.

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