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PolishSource | PS | General | 2023 Review
01-23-2023, 01:11 PM
PolishSource | PS | General | 2023 Review
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Tracker Name: PolishSource | PS
Tracker URL: https://polishsource.cz/
Tracker Genre: General
Tracker Type: Ratio Less
Tracker Signup: Open / Invite only
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None
Tracker IRC channel: irc.polishsource.org

.:: Tracker Description ::.

PolishSource is one of the best and major polish general tracker. This tracker is in the existence since 2008. This tracker is ratio-less general private tracker. You can choose the language of interface "English or Polish".

They have a really awesome internal release group PSiG, who upload a great variety of contents in good quality. Most of their contents have either Polish audio or atleast Polish subs. Torrents marked as PolishSource iNTERNAL are not to be spreaded outside of PolishSource! It is forbidden to seed or share them in any way on other sites. They has a 2 day seeding requirements to avoid Hit-n-Run. Invitation can be obtained only by donating. They also have a IPTV (PSiG TV) for donators. Any level of user can upload.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

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