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Torrenting | General | 2022 Review
10-22-2022, 08:49 AM
Torrenting | General | 2022 Review
[Image: tiorglogo.png]

[Image: C16L1EY.png]

Tracker Name:  Torrenting
Tracker URL:  https://torrenting.com/
Tracker Genre: General
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Sinup: Invite Only | Now Open Signup
Bonus System: Yes
Seed Diffculty: Easy
Banned Countries: None

.:: Tracker Description ::.

Torrenting is a tracker with great pretimes.
You can browse movies, TV series, music, APPs, Sports, games, animes content in it.
Download will be limited when the ratio is less than 3.0, but it is easy to arise ratio, such as one can seed to gain considerable bouns and freeleech torrents are often available.
Once start downloading a torrent, one should seed back 1:1 or for 72 hours.
If you fail to properly seed back more than 50 torrents you will get a HnR warning. You must comply with the warning option in order to be able to download again.
No pictures with racism/nudity/sexism/religion are to be posted in the forum. [If you really need to post it, only post the link with a **18+** tag around it.]
you can donate for VIP, and donors can recieve FREE IPTV.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

[Image: 3m1GZ5L.png]

.:: Tracker Home ::.

[Image: hv4Tm8f.png]

.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

[Image: 78RJEmu.png]

.:: Tracker Torrents ::.

[Image: K54er7f.png]

.:: Tracker Torrents Profil ::.

[Image: 2WBpizu.jpg]

.:: Tracker Movies Shows ::.

[Image: JBRrd26.png]

.:: Tracker TV Shows ::.

[Image: F2RMT3n.png]

.:: Tracker XXX / Porn Torrents Profil ::.

[Image: xlX3noa.png]

.:: Tracker Offers ::.

[Image: L2Ybt4U.png]

.:: Tracker Requests ::.

[Image: WGohM5h.png]

.:: Tracker RSS ::.

[Image: tb8LpBA.png]

.:: Tracker IPTV ::.

[Image: zq7jKPV.png]

.:: Tracker Bonus System ::.

[Image: fhcEY5k.png]

.:: Tracker Donate ::.

[Image: zHSvxH6.png]

.:: Tracker Forums ::.

[Image: OZtoTNA.png]

.:: Tracker Rules ::.

[Image: yFBhbFi.png]

.:: Tracker FAQ ::.

[Image: SUWVPQU.png]

.:: Tracker Help Desk ::.

[Image: kxFDPJa.png]

.:: Tracker User Classes ::.

[Image: SYEWcQ7.png]

.:: Tracker Stats ::.

[Image: unkeJFU.png]

.:: Tracker Ratings ::.

Speed: 8/10
Pre-time: 8/10
Content: 8/10
Community: 8/10
Overall: 8/10


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