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GFXPeers | GFXP | Misc | 2022 Review
02-16-2022, 02:20 PM
GFXPeers | GFXP | Misc | 2022 Review
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Tracker Name: GFXPeers | GFXP
Tracker URL: https://gfxpeers.net/
Tracker Genre: Misc
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Easy/Medium
Bonus System: NA
Banned Countries: NA
Tracker IRC: NA
Tracker BLOG: https://gfxdomain.co/

.:: Tracker Description ::.

GFXPeers is the best existed graphic related tracker , own by GFXDomain Forum Content is amazing, there are full of graphic related content and more.
With database of about 55K users and 55K torrents,GFXPeers is dedicated to 3D Applications, Plug-ins, 3D Graphics, Design, 3D-modeling, Architecture.

Besides the tracker and the forum, there is a blog "GFXdomain.co" which contains lots of interesting contents.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

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.:: Tracker Home ::.

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.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents Profil ::.

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.:: Tracker Upload ::.

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.:: Tracker Requests ::.

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.:: Tracker Blog ::.

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.:: Tracker Forums ::.

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.:: Tracker Rules ::.

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.:: Tracker Staff ::.

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.:: Tracker Stats ::.

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.:: Tracker Ratings ::.

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