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FinVip | General | 2022 Review
02-05-2022, 06:40 AM
FinVip | General | 2022 Review
[Image: tiorglogo.png]

[Image: emWK1It.png]

Tracker Name: FinVip
Tracker URL: https://finvip.org/
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite only
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

.:: Tracker Description ::.

Finvip is a Finnish general tracker.The tracker contains good collection of general contents including Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Music and others.
With database about 105K+ of torrents, Speed is considered to be good.
They from time to time open for free sign up. Community is not big but considered to be good. Any user can upload there. For becoming a Power User Membership time more than 1 month , at least 75GB of upload and ratio more than 1.2 are needed.
The interface/theme is kind of uncommon and is written in xbtit script
The site is available in English.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

[Image: 8SeKf37.png]

.:: Tracker Home ::.

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.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents Profil ::.

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.:: Tracker Upload ::.

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.:: Tracker Requests ::.

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.:: Tracker Seed Wanted ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents Freak ::.

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.:: Tracker Bonus System ::.

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.:: Tracker Donate ::.

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.:: Tracker Lottery ::.

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.:: Tracker Forums ::.

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.:: Tracker Rules ::.

[Image: 7nljyWs.png]

.:: Tracker FAQ ::.

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.:: Tracker User Classes ::.

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.:: Tracker IRC ::.

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.:: Tracker Stats ::.

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.:: Tracker Ratings ::.

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