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SceneRush | SR | General | 2022 Review
02-04-2022, 11:32 AM
SceneRush | SR | General | 2022 Review
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Tracker Name: SceneRush
Tracker URL: http://www.scene-rush.com/
Tracker Genre: General
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Bonus System: Yes
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Tracker IRC: None
Banned Countries: None

.:: Tracker Description ::.

SceneRush is a Portuguese general private tracker for all torrents categories like Movies, Music, Games, Books and Applications. Tracker interface and all pages are only in Portuguese and no option to change it into English so you must use a supported WEB browsers translator and it is very heavy to browse the tracker as well.
Keeping and building good ratio is not easy due to having only few free to leech torrents and the poor bonus points system. Speeds are pre times are good but only the Scene releases are well seeded and downloaded by many members.
SceneRush has few internal encoding teams like PTCustoM who provide only custom DVDrips in Portuguese. Most content there is international with no custom Portuguese audio or subtitles like SPARKS, Replica, HDMaNiAcS, AMIABLE, PRoDJi, FraMeSToR for HD Movies, CODEX and RELOADED for Scene Game releases and some P2P Repacks for CorePack and FitGirl. Their invites are available and they sometimes open for free sign up and enable global free leech.
SceneRush is a ratio based tracker where members have to keep good over all general ratio and seed each torrent for at least 72 hours after download is completed.

.:: Tracker Login ::.

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.:: Tracker Home ::.

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.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents ::.

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.:: Tracker Torrents Profil ::.

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.:: Tracker Top 10 ::.

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.:: Tracker Bonus System ::.

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.:: Tracker Donate ::.

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.:: Tracker Forums ::.

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.:: Tracker Rules ::.

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.:: Tracker FAQ ::.

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.:: Tracker User Classes ::.

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.:: Tracker Stats ::.

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.:: Tracker Ratings ::.

SPEEDS: 7/10


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