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ToTheGlory | TTG | HD | 2022 Review
01-09-2022, 09:57 PM
ToTheGlory | TTG | HD | 2022 Review
[Image: tiorglogo.png]

[Image: yooXTjH.png]

Tracker Name: ToTheGlory | TTG
Tracker URL: https://totheglory.im
Tracker Genre: High Definition (HD)
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Tracker Birthday: Since 2009
Tracker Singup: Closed (Invites Only)
Maintaining Ratio: Medium/Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: Non
Tracker IRC: Non

.:: Tracker Description ::.

ToTheGlory, TTG is one of the major Chinese HD trackers with both internal and external encodes and where you can find the best HDquality out there, TTG is the biggest game download station in China The XBOX360, Playstation3 & PC games torrents can be found with a large group of seeders.

The internal release groups of TTG are WiKi, NGB, DoA, TTG 4K发布, TTG蓝光发布, ARiN, ExREN, 囧夏字幕组, BMDruCHinYaN, TLF-MiniSD

- is there any Freeleech?

All internals are 100% freeleech for some time starting from 6 to 24 or 48 hours, after that the become 50% or 30% freeleech.

- Is it really worth the time (or the money) it takes to join?
In my opinion, Yes!

- Is it worth the risk?
Definitely not. Unless you have a REAL friend (or staff member) to invite you, stay away. Most traders/sellers/buyers are getting banned sooner or later and there is NO WAY to get their accounts back, even if they donate a shitload of money or if they had buffered their accounts a lot!

- Will you find any unique torrents on TTG that you can't find elsewhere?
Yes. most of the time they refuse to share their internal file else where .

- Is their community that amazing?
Their community is good and active, but in my opinion this is not that important. When i join a tracker, i care about the content/torrents. I am not trying to make any friends and there are many other forums/sites that can help me if i ever need any info (tracker forums, or even other/public active forums and IRC channels). And don't forget our best friend: search engines!

- Are there any alternatives?
Yes . HdChina , ourbits ....etc

You are probably disappointed from my opinion/description, but this is nothing but the truth.
If you are able to join TTG, GO FOR IT.
It's definitely the best HD tracker in my opinion, even if it is overrated, risky, and expensive.
Just don't be insane for joining TTG guys!!!

.:: Tracker Login ::.

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.:: Tracker Home ::.

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.:: Tracker Category & Search ::.

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