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~~~ GiveAways Section Rules ~~~
01-24-2014, 08:17 AM
~~~ GiveAways Section Rules ~~~
It's time to set some rules for the GA section. These rules will protect the inviters and the invitees as well, so you better read these carefully!

  • If a user got a free invite and then he will try to trade/sell this invite (or the account he created with it) he will get banned permanently.
  • The invites are for personal use ONLY. It's not allowed to apply because a friend of yours need the invite. Don't forget that TI has open registrations and your friends can register as well.
  • When you send the registration link to the winner (for trackers like PTP, SceneHD, TTG, CHDBIts etc) you better send it to his email. If you send it through a Private Message and the winner click on the link, trackers can see that the previous page he was browsing and was redirected from, was TI.org.
  • Do not post unedited screenshots or your email in public. Check out THIS tutorial to see how you can create a proper application.
  • The better trackers you are giving away, the more time you must keep the thread open. It's not a good idea to open a GA for a very good tracker and announce the winner after some hours. This way you don't give the chance to better users to apply and you are also risking your account even more!
  • GAs for trackers which have open signups are not allowed. For these trackers you can only give away buffered accounts.
  • Mention the approximate buffer (not exact) of the accounts you are giving away and also mention if they are coming with the original/registered email.
  • When you are giving away bonus points or GB upload for a tracker, make sure it worths it. For example you better give away 10GB upload to 1 user, rather than 2GB x 5 users.
  • A good idea is to check out the Review Index thread and add the review's link in your GA thread. This way the users can find out if they really need the tracker you are giving away.
  • NEVER apply for a tracker you got banned in the past. This will probably end with your ban on TI.org as well.
  • NEVER ratio cheat on the trackers you got an invite from TI.org. If you do it, we will ban you permanently.
  • NEVER ask for feedbacks in advance. After you will send the invite/account to the winner, it's up to him to leave you a positive feedback in order to thank you.


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