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Never use for your trackers the same (or similar) username you are using for TorrentInvites, (or any other forums). Otherwise, ALL of your accounts are in danger. If you have already made this mistake, click HERE, to rename your TorrentInvites account, ASAP.

CSS Security:
Many people have lost their beloved trackers and were wondering why. We found out, that trackers are using a browser's loophole to find out previously visited sites. They have blacklisted invites selling/trading/giveaways forums and they are banning all the users who are registered in these forums. The safest solution, is to use a different browser for these forums than you are using for your private trackers.
There are also some other ways to avoid this danger, but the safest one is to use a different browser. Trackers may find a new security loophole in browsers in the future. If you already visited our forum with the same browser you are using for you trackers, make sure you delete your history and cookies NOW. For more details about it, and read it very carefully.

Use a strong password for your accounts (forums, trackers and emails). A strong password must be 12 or more digits. And it must contain uppercase letters (A, B, C...), lowercase letters (a, b, c...), numbers (1, 2, 3...) and special characters (#, ^, &...). And use a different/unique password on each site/forum/tracker/email.

Do not accept any files from your Instant Messenger programs. There exists the danger that the person sending you the file hopes to snatch your IP.

Do not click on links from any users. A user may be sending you a link that is supposed to be a proof (or whatever) but when you click on it, it snatches your IP, or installs a virus on your PC.

E-mail address:
Do not post your email address in public when you are applying for an invite. If you do, your account and your inviter's account are in danger. Use Private Messages to communicate your email address to another user.

Never tell your tracker's usernames to any users and of course never upload unedited screenshots of your accounts in public. Also never send unedited screenshots of your trackers to any users. You can ask from a TI staffer to confirm if the other user really has the account he is trying to trade.

RULES Proxies/VPNs:
Proxies, VPNs, TOR and SeedBox IPs are not allowed at TorrentInvites. 90% of the scammers are those services, so we decided to disallow their usage. Proofs: TorrentInvites staff members, may ask for unedited proofs of the accounts you are trying to trade. Like thousands other users, you have to trust the staff team. This is the only way, to keep this place safe.

Refunds: Every trader who gives an account and the account gets banned, must refund the other user (or find a fair solution) if it occurred within the 30 day period following the transaction. The rule does not apply for invites. Cases with banned invites, will be investigated by the staff team. Read the refund rule HERE. A trader/buyer may not ask for a refund when he/she is not satisfied with that particular tracker or if the tracker closed for any reason!
Dupe Accounts:
Do not create duplicate accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.
Illegal Content:
Posting any illegal content, files, or download links is not allowed. Anything posted on the forums that falls under these categories will be immediately deleted. Please click HERE to report anything illegal, and we will delete it ASAP.

Advertising any other forums/sites in public, via PMs or through any Instant Messengers, is not allowed. Posting referral or affiliate links is also against the rules.

Do not spam the board with useless posts to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can press the "Like" button.

1 thread per user in each section is allowed. 1 trading thread and 1 request thread (Donors can request up to 5 trackers in the VIP section).
1 BUMP every 24hours.
If you want to trade new trackers do not open a new thread. Post about those trackers on your old thread and ask from a staffer to edit the title.
Also remember that you are not allowed to ask for a seedbox in exchange of your invite/account.
In case you want to post any news around the world, keep in mind that controversial threads about religions, politics etc are not allowed on TI.

Nobody is allowed to sell any tracker invites/accounts on TI.
If you want to buy something, check out the The OFFICIAL TorrentInvites.org Selling Store.
If a random user is trying to sell you something through Private Messages, please report him HERE ASAP.
Also keep in mind that even if you create a new thread in the SeedBox Sales section we don't guarantee it will be approved.

Any invites/accounts/seedboxes you got from TI are for personal use ONLY. Users who sold, traded or even gave away those, will suffer the consequences!
Also never give away (or trade/sell) the invites/accounts/seedboxes you won from TI to any of your friends or to any other forums. You can tell them to register on TI and apply if they are looking for something.
Users who got invites and cheated on the trackers after their registration, will suffer the consequences (depending on the damage they caused to their inviter).
These are the most important rules, but make sure you will click HERE to read the more detailed thread.

Do not beg/apply for invites (or anything else) through Private Messages. If you want to win something click HERE to get it from the GiveAways section or HERE to create a request. Just don't apply for trackers you already had in the past and got banned for a reason.
If you have access to the VIP GiveAways section, click HERE to try your luck. If you still can't find the invite you are looking for, you can also click HERE to open your own request thread in the VIP Requests section.
It's also against the rules to send Private Messages to random users and try to trade your invites/accounts. Just BUMP your trading thread according to the rules and reply to any Private Messages you received. Last but not least, it's not allowed to ask for invites in the reviews section.

Collecting trackers:
Some users are applying on pretty much every GiveAway thread and they are collecting trackers they don't really need and they will never use. For example they are applying for gaming trackers while they are not gamers or they are applying for French trackers
while they don't speak/understand French or even for general trackers while they already got a few other general trackers. This way they don't give the chance to other users who really need those trackers to be the winners. Actually a few trackers are enough to
find every torrent (since all the trackers have more or less the same torrents) so applying for too many trackers is against the rules and those collectors will lose their access to the GiveAway section sooner or later. Especially users who never contributed with any GiveAways, will lose this access even easier.

Do not use explicit language in the forums. Even if you feel that a user deserves it, just report him instead of starting a fight with him.
Also keep in mind that only the English language is allowed in the forums.

Users are not allowed to request trackers through their signature.

Posting links of other forums/sites is not allowed. IMDB and Youtube links are allowed though.
Posting screenshots is also not allowed.
Be polite and don't fight with other users.
Do not try to trade or get free invites on the ChatBox. Use the forums instead.


When you are dealing with a user with a low feedback score or with a user you are not feeling 100% safe to deal with, you can use a middleman. Middleman can be a staff member or a member that both users are trusting. Scammed:
If a user scammed you, or you are not happy with a deal, feel free to open a dispute thread HERE.

Before opening a dispute, try to contact the other user and solve your problem. If this fails, open your dispute, state your issue, send any proofs to a staffer and don't forget to post the other user's profile link. Proofs via Instant Messengers are not reliable, so deal with users via our forum's Private Messages.

Banned countries:
Before you trade/buy a tracker, make sure that you check this tracker's banned countries HERE.

IP/email/password Change:
Many trackers ban accounts for country IP change/email/password change, because they are suspecting that the account was traded/sold this way. If you are planing to trade your account and this account is connected with your personal email, it's safer to update the profile with a new email NOW. Do not change the email and after some minutes trade the account and have an IP change in the same day.You can also click HERE to see which tracker's accounts are safe (or not) to deal with.

Trusted members:
It's safer to trade accounts with trusted users (with many positive feedbacks), who will refund you for sure if there is any problem and of course they won't even try to scam you.
Users who recently registered are considered to be "risky". You may want to avoid dealing with them.
Another good way to identify a possible scammer is to see if they have any open threads or not. Most scammers try to "work" under the radar and avoid creating a thread, because they know that we ask for proofs from traders on TI.org.

Accounts or Invites:
Try to get account + email, in order to avoid a risky country IP change or an email change from the tracker's profile. Keep in mind, that invites are always safer!

We collect cookies only to improve our users' experience. To keep them logged in, to personalize their experience, to save/remember their preferences etc...
The only 3rd party sites connected to our site are google analytics (to monitor our traffic) and our one and only sponsor. None of these sites use any cookies for advertising purposes.
We don't require our users to provide any personal info such as their real name, their home/company address or anything else.
Our users just have to use an email address to register at our site and we will never share their email address with anybody else. The only emails they receive from our site are notifications about any private messages from other users or about specific actions on
the forums (when somebody mentioned them or somebody posted on a thread they subscribed and asked for an email notification about new replies). They can still disable those email notifications from their account's settings if they want to. In very rare occasions (not more often than once per year) we may sent an email notification about any important changes we made. But we will never use your email for advertising purposes!
In any case, users have the option to disable the email notifications if they wish so. If you don't know how to disable those emails from your settings or even if you don't want to use your account any more, click HERE to Contact Us.

torrentinvites.org does not host any illegal content, files or download links. We respect Copyright Laws.
It is impossible for us to monitor every post made by our members. If you have found a link to any illegal content or copyright infringement, then click HERE to Contact Us and we will remove it as soon as possible.
Thank you,
torrentinvites.org Administrative Staff.
For breaking above rules you may be warned or even banned appropriately!