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Dog world’s Biggest Losers: The dogs who lost 25 per cent of body weight
09-22-2022, 10:53 AM
Dog world’s Biggest Losers: The dogs who lost 25 per cent of body weight
Meet the biggest losers of the dog world.

These two dogs have been have been named the joint pet slimmers of the year after winning a Pet Fit Club competition in the UK.

The pair shed a quarter of their bodyweight - the doggos are now a combined 18.8kg lighter.

Cavalier King Charles spaniels normally weigh between six and 8kg. But Borris tipped the scales at a whopping 28kg.

Happily he’s now about 25 per cent lighter at 20.9kg.

Meanwhile Sadie, a Labrador, started the competition at 42.2kg, well over her ideal weight of about 30kg.

The pair are no doubt enjoying a well-deserved treat after completing the six-month diet and exercise challenge by vet charity PDSA, under the watchful eyes of vets and nurses.

Just like humans, pets are prone to overindulging, particularly during the Christmas period. Dogs just don’t know when to stop.

Australian Veterinary Association president Paula Parker said it’s a tricky time for dogs who like to help themselves to scraps or the barbecue and owners should be aware of the health risks.

“There are plenty of foods that are delicious for us but toxic to our pets,” she said.

“Sausages particularly can be relatively fatty and can upset their tummies.

“The other thing they often get into is onions on the barbecue. They cause a problem with their red blood cells. There’s a compound that damages their blood cells so it can make dogs anaemic.

Mince pies are also a problem for pooches - those sultanas can give dogs kidney problems.

And while it’s well-know that chocolate is bad for dogs, the trouble often occurs when the owners’ backs are turned.

“A common scene in emergency is people have wrapped up some chocolate and popped it under the Christmas tree and gone out, and the dog has had a little party under the tree,” she said.

Dr Parker said if you pet is overweight, talk to your vet about a prescription diet that will restrict calories but still ensure they get the nutrients they need.

A good tip for those who like to hand feed their dog is to weigh out a day’s worth of food in the morning.

“If hand feeding their pet is something they like to do, just feed their pet from the food they have put out,” she said.

“They are still enjoying that bonding with their pet but their pet isn’t getting extra food.”


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